Check this out!!! This rising star from indonesia is packed with beautiful equipments that will keep you lingering for some time like her tantalizing eyes with curly eye lashes, her sexy long black hair, her "ooh la la!!!" body that is oozing with sexiness, and her lips that is red as an apple but not always. Anyway, if you put all of the above that was said together, you will get a very attractive girl. Match it up with her wholesome image and she becomes an ultra attractive girl, yet some tried to put a skid mark on that wholesome image of hers by posting nude photos of her on the internet, but with the help of fan geniuses who examined the pictures; they were proven to be fabricated. Well it's a bad day for these villains for now, but maybe someday they will be back with a real one and it will be an issue that you won't miss!!.


Full Name: Monica Nichole Sandra Dewi Gunawan
Nick: Sandra Dewi
Place & DOB: Pangkal Pinang, August 8, 1983
Height/Weight: 168cm/49kg
Hobbies: Singing, eating bizarre animals, collecting receipts
Education: London School of Public Relations
Address, Date of Birth: Pangkal Pinang – Kep Bangka Belitung August 8, 1983
Parents: Andreas Gunawan Basri and Catharina Erliani
Sister: Kartika Dewi
Brother: Raymond Gunawan


Sandra Dewi could be the most dazzling star whose eminence rises up like a rocket less than a year and garnered million of fans in a flash. 10 months ago we wouldn’t find her name by googling but today hundreds of blogs, articles, forums, websites dedicated to Sandra Dewi are fetching everything and anything just a fingertip away. It all began from 50 million rupiahs price.

Sandra Dewi was born in a small island Bangka close to South Sumatra. Determined to change her life and not just end as household wife like most of the girls in her place, the village girl went to Jakarta in 2001 to continue studying in London School of Public Relation. Having sort money most of the time, Sandra felt guilty to bother her parent about the matter. Everyday she walked to campus and saw a giant poster of Miss Enchanteur contest with 50 million rupiah grandprize. This brought her a brilliant idea to overcome the financial problem. When the judges asked why she joined the contest, the beautiful eyes girl practically answered she was interested in that 50 million rupiah. And Sandra won the contest. Following Miss Enchanteur, Sandra joined another pageant West Jakarta Tourism Ambassador and she won again. Advertisement and sinetron offers shove her way, but she declined them all because she determined to focus on her studies.

Graduated with high GPA, Sandra worked as a PR promotion in advertising company. However, ‘adventure’ instinct encouraged Sandra to join a modeling contest held by Cosmopolitan magazine in 2006 that brought this church choir girl as the runner-up and to famous director Nia Dinata who was one of the judges and who asked Sandra to join the casting for her next film. It was quiet a shocking experience for Sandra as when came to the casting place she found out her contenders were actresses who have already won Citra (trophy winner from Indonesian Film Festival or the Indonesian “Oscar”). Director Nia Dinata was as surprised as her as she found out the beautiful innocent girl was only a regular employee without any acting experience before. But Sandra’s innocent face and attitude won the casting and she played in Nia Dinata’s next successful film ‘Quickie Express’.

Like the title of ‘Quickie Express’, Sandra’s career boosted expressively. People felt in love with the naïve girl in the film and they wanted her more. This time Sandra decided to accept sinetrons offers, and a stripping sinetron ‘Cinta Indah’ (Beautiful Love) she starred in became the highest rating sinetron ever at the time. Her face shows up in various magazines everyday, heaps of advertisements use her figure, and although she’s not a professional singer, a TV station picked Sandra as the music icon on December 2007. Gazillion of instant fans praise her beautifulness and humbleness. Thanks to her hardcore fans, Sandra wowed in Indonesian Movie Awards 2008 and bagged home Most Favorite Breakthrough Artist for her role in Quickie Express.

Despite her sudden fame, the soft-spoken girl who recently became one of Pond’s 10 Beautiful Women 2008 still keeps herself on the ground. To her friends and co-workers, Sandra is the down-to-earth, anti clubbing, anti smoking and anti drinking girl-next-door. “I’m proud of my faith. That’s my principle,” says the Christian devotee. The friendly girl also refused to have a manager because she wanted to keep in touch with people directly. Sandra Dewi still has a long way to soar more and to prove her talent is not just all coincidence and magic. She has what it takes to be one great artist afterall.


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