The controversial Joey Deleon is making news again, this is relating to the joke he made during his recent US tour about Pokwang as Aswang. Its been Jeoy De Leon’s trademark as “pilyo” (naughty) now that his joke hurt others feelings would MTRCB suspend him again?

If you are looking for Joey’s Video saying Aswang in his show here it is.

This Video shows Joey did mention Aswang and Pokwang, but I think Joey is not referring to Pokwang in the Video but to Willie Revillame as aswang. This is in reference to Willie attitude of being “Aswang”. hehehe Joke!

1 Response to "Joey De Leon called Pokwang as "Aswang""

blue_viper said :
December 7, 2008 at 11:14 AM
para yatang kampi ka kay joey de leon..pasensya na pero im on willie's side.Kung magkocompose man siya o sila ng kanta,yung may kabuluhan naman at di nakakasakit sa ibang tao..

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