Cynthia Christina Kurleto a proud Filipina, (born April 21, 1978 in Vienna, Austria), popularly known as Cindy Kurleto, is a 5'7" model, actress, and a former MTV VJ in the Philippines. Her Eurasian looks are due to her Austrian and indigenous Filipino mix. She is best known for being a commercial model and an FHM model in the Philippines and also for playing the role of Cassiopea in the hit series Encantadia and its prequel/sequel Etheria.

This Filipina model actress is the daughter of divorced couple Faustina Verdillo and Friedrich Kurleto. She stands 5'7". Cindy was taken care of by her mother in Austria where she grew up. This Filipina model actress finished her education from elementary to college and took a Hotel and Restaurant Management course there. She later became a waitress. In 2001, she eventually got bored with her job. At that point she decided to take a vacation in her other home country, the Philippines. She sold her car and apartment, quit her job, bought a ticket, packed one suitcase and left for the Philippines. Long after arriving, This Filipina model actress decided to settle there for good. It was hard for her at first, but she finally managed to adapt to life there. Her first movie was Jerry Lopez Sineneng's "Ngayong Nandito Ka" (2003). In this movie, she played Dennis Samonte's girlfriend who spited him.

This pretty Filipina model and actress has been appearing in commercials and FHM and local TV shows ever since.

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