The top 10 “hottest” Indonesian celebrities.

This list is organised according to how often pictures of famous actresses, models and celebrities have been viewed by the legions of visitors at Cari It attempts, totally unscientifically, to aggregate the number of views for each person’s images in the first 10 pages/120 images of the “Most Viewed” section.

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1. Revalina S Temat

Revalina S Temat

The winner on balance, with dozens of “most viewed” entries in the first 120 of the most popular list (although her first entry only appears at 6th), is Miss Revalina S Temat, who this writer ignorantly admits to having never heard of. It appears more than a few local men like the nice, sweet looking Indonesian girls over the more sexy type.

2. Acha Septriasa

Acha Septriasa

In second place comes somebody called Acha Septriasa, who first appears at 4th on the most viewed list but also has many other listings through the first 10 pages.

3. Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica

The inexplicably popular Agnes Monica has her first entry at 2nd, with +41,000 views, and has a few other listings further down.

4. Nia Ramadhani

Nia Ramadhani

Another sweet young thing, Nia Ramadhani has some considerable support.

5. Tiara Lestari

Tiara Lestari

Old favourite Tiara Lestari has the number 1 most popular image but few others in the list.

6. Chelsea Olivia

Chelsea Olivia

Chelsea Olivia has quite a few listings down the nether regions of the top 120.

7. Bunga Lestari

Bunga Citra Lestari

Bunga Citra Lestari appears to be a singer and has a number of scandalous looking photos on the list.

8. Nadine Chandrawinata

Nadine Chandrawinata

Miss Indonesia 2006 Nadine Chandrawinata still exercises the fascination that nearly all beauty pageant winners in Indonesia do. She has the 3rd top listing at 38,280 views, and two or three more in the top 120.

9. Dian Sastro

Dian Sastro

A suprisingly weak performance from Dian Sastro, with only one listing in the top 120, at 5th, suggesting the Cari Artis hordes may not be such good judges after all.

10. Julia Perez

Julia Perez

Julia Perez seems to score on the list mainly for the amount of her flesh on display.

Honourable mentions also go out to Ratu Felisha, Sarah Azhari, and Alexandra Joanna.

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