The nation's newest celeb Joe the Plumber is a fraud.

Joe Wurzelbacher, an Ohio plumber, thrust into the national spotlight after he was mentioned 24 times during the final Presidential debate by Senator John McCain isn't even a licensed plumber.

State licensing agencies in Ohio showed no license registered under his name. Nor is he a member of the plumber's union he claimed to be enrolled in on his MySpace page. His name is listed in the telephone books as "Samuel".

More amazingly, this "Joe" may be a Republican plant with deep ties to a scandalous past.

Joe Wurzelbacher is the son of Robert Wurzelbacher - the son-in-law of Charles Keating - The Charles Keating of the Keating 5 scandal - for which Sen. John McCain was reprimanded by the Senate for his part in attempting to illegally influence government regulators, according to The Huffington Post.

Robert Wurzelbacher was an exec of American Continental Corp., the parent company of
Charles Keating's Lincoln Savings. That's the bank that failed causing many to lose their life savings and cost US taxpayers $4.3 billion.

As a result Joe the Plumber's dada, Robert, pleaded guilty to misappropriating $14 million, serving 40 months in federal prison.

"Congratulations - you're rich! You betcha!"

Meanwhile the real plumbers union -- United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters have endorsed Democratic candidate Barack Obama.

That's called turning the screw or lug nut.

Away goes trouble down the drain............

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